Specialists in Farm Machinery for New Zealand.

Pluck’s Engineering Ltd prides its self with being a very adaptable Agricultural Manufacturing and repair Engineering Company since 1966. Every job we do for you our customer, and manufacture for sale throughout NZ, is to the highest standard we can do and we are known for quality, accurate workmanship and robust equipment that stands the test of time.

Our workshop is designed to be flexible, accommodating farm machinery and, heavy machinery as well as trucks and trailers which allows us to carry out fast and efficient work for you. Our position on the Main South Road between Christchurch and Ashburton means we can access anything special your job may need very quickly from anywhere in NZ if not the same day, overnight.

We have a passion for R&D both on our standard product range as well as new product opportunities. Additionally, we are always listening to you our customer as to what could be done better to suit your businesses.