3.0m x 1.5m x 20mm Land Roller

  • Product Information

    3.0M (10ft) x 1.5M (5ft) x 16mm (5/8”) or 20mm (3/4”) or 25mm (1”)


    This is one of the sizes in our standard range of smaller Heavy Water Ballast Land Rollers at 1.5M (5ft) diameter and as is standard with all Pluck’s rollers it has twin drums. It is very popular where a farmer needs a good sized land roller but only needs a smaller roller because his farm has very good soil that has very few if any rocks or boulders that need pushing back in. If your farm has irrigation and you can pick your ground conditions that suit Land Rolling best  i.e. just after the irrigator has been over your paddock. Our heavier and bigger diameter rollers maybe too heavy for those type of conditions, whereas these smaller diameter rollers are perfect.

    As is standard with Pluck’s Engineering we have over engineered the axle area using all of our 48 years of experience of manufacturing Land Rollers. We have as standard a huge 100mm (4”) axle that is fixed by a very big and solid clamp to one of the rollers two drums and the other drum is greasable and free to turn at a slightly different speed to the axle as your roller turns the corners etc. Our roller axles are one piece HT steel from one side of the roller to the other and no welding on them or to them at all, so they never break!

    •  Coverage - 3.0 meters (10ft) per pass
    • Frame width – 3.550 meters (11ft8”)
    • Diameter – 1.5M (5ft)
    • Roller Plate thickness – 16mm (5/8) or 20mm (3/4) or 25mm (1”)
    • End Plate thickness 10mm (3/8”)
    • Axle size - 100mm (4”)
    • Weight Full - 8545 Kgs
    • Weight Empty - 2610Kgs


    They can be manufactured out of any size plate thickness from 16mm, 20mm, up to 25mm if you have very stony or rocky ground.  Our standard size for this model of rollers is 16mm (5/8”) roller plate.


  • Optional Extra Spring loaded tow bar attachment

    This model has an optional extra which is a special attachment manufactured  especially for very lumpy ground (for example boarder dyke irrigation humps in the paddock) where the roller is constantly pushing and pulling on your tractor tow bar, what the spring loaded tow bar on the roller frame does is cushion the forward and backwards movements of the roller verse tractor energy and takes all the solid collisions out of the towing connection that you can hear and feel via the tow bar pin every time you speed up or slow down. It makes for a very comfortable day in the cab and no doubt is a lot easier on your tractor drive train and transmission as well.     

    All our land rollers come with spring loaded scrapers on the rear and a fold up jack on the front, and a frame design that has stood the test of time to ensure trouble free use for a life time on your farm and the next generation to come.

  • Shipping

    As with all our rollers they can be transported with the draw bar removed by us un-bolting it at our workshop and you simply bolting it back on once on your farm. We recommend the use of a HIAB truck or bigger flat deck truck that we can load at our end with our huge forklift, then you simply unload at your end with the HIAB or loading bank and bolt the draw bar back on with the 12 big high tensile bolts supplied, and your new roller is all set to go for the life time of your farm.

     By having the draw bar removable this makes freighting cost far less, because your roller can be on the truck deck within the dimensions of the deck, so no oversized permits and extra spending required.

  • Pricing

    Please contact us for a price, also to ensure we recommend the correct size roller for your farm and tractor and conditions and a lot more info about this model Land Roller

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    Contact us on  0800 758 257 or email  enquires@plucks.co.nz