Bale Feeder. Single Layer, Single Row

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    Bale Feeder - Single Layer, Single Row

    Just One Moving Part!

    Our Single Layer Square bale feeder can carry and feed out 4 of Bailage bale’s or 3 of Big square bales up to 2.2 Meters long each, or any combination of both that don’t exceed the working deck length of 7.1 Meters.

    The Bale feeders can carry and feed out any type of Big or Medium square bale. You simply load the deck with your tractor or front end loader of some sort, then access the deck via the stairs and walkway to cut all the strings and leave them (the strings) in the yard so no risk of strings ending up in the paddock. Then travel to your paddock and begin feeding out your bales by engaging the hydraulic the pusher frame at the front of the trailer, which travels very slowly along its tracks towards the back, And in doing so quietly pushes your bales off the rear edge one slab at a time as they break off from the bales they were part of.

    The Spring loaded heavy duty Tedder fingers fixed to the vertical and overhead beams at the rear of the trailer ensure that only the slabs of the bale that have been pushed past the Tedder fingers reach can fall off, just like a deck of cards standing vertically getting slowly pushed over the edge of a table one card at a time.

    By controlling your tractor and trailer travel speed to a good fast walking pace you will create a 2 to 3 Meter gap between the bale slabs as they fall.

    Also they can feed out any width of bale from Medium Square at 850mm wide up to Big Square at 1.250 Meters wide and any height.

    Please contact us for more info and detail on how they work

  • Shipping

    Please contact us re freight, but if your farm is nearby you can simply tow your bale feeder home no worries.

    They can also be freighted on HIAB truck no trouble.

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    Please contact us for a price, also to ensure we recommend the correct size Bale Feeder for your farm

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