Benic Calf Trailer

Trailers for transporting dairy calves


Transport with calf welfare a priority;

  • Invented by dairy farmers with veterinary advice

  • Each calf is fully supported during transport

  • Calves are protected and kept upright, clean and comfortable

  • Protects against wind-chill and minimises risk of injury and infection


Unique Benic Calf Trailer design;

  • Sling-rail system securely holds and supports each calf

  • Shielded headboard protects calves from wind-chill

  • Optimized for easy loading and unloading of calves

  • Adjustable rail positions to suite calf size

  • Robust but low weight trailer design

  • Expertly fabricated and welded to the highest standards (AS/NZS 2980)

  • Fully hot-dip galvanised for long term corrosion protection

  • Model options available to suite your farm

Benic Calf Trailer Brochure


Dairy Calf Transport

Calf trailer in paddock.jpg

Calf trailer.jpg

calf transport

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