Benic Calf Trailer

New: best practice in safe calf transport

Trailers for transporting Dairy Calves

Calf Transport with welfare as a priority;

  • Invented by dairy farmers with veterinary advice

  • Each calf is fully supported during transport. Hygienically Clean, comfortable & snuggly while being transported to Your Shed

  • No More Stacking in like sardines, lying & falling over each other on your trailer. And eliminates the risk of injury and infection.

  • Solid headboard protects against wind chill and mud when moving from paddock to shed.


Unique Benic Calf Trailer design;

  • Sling-rail system securely holds and supports each calf with patented Comfortable, Strong & Robust Slings made from weatherproof fabric

  • Optimised for easy loading and unloading of calves, Staff Will only Have to Bend Down once to lift your calves through the whole process from paddock to shed.

  • Adjustable rail positions to suit calf size and different calf breeds

  • Robust but low-weight trailer design to suit 4x4 quad, Ute or tractor

  • Robust but low weight trailer design

  • Expertly fabricated and welded to the high NZ standard (AS/NZS 2980) in our workshop.

  • Fully hot-dip galvanised inside and out for decades of corrosion protection.

  • Model options available to suit your farm, tow behind, frontend loader arms on your tractor and double or single rows.

  • A range of Trailers Made for different herd size, starting at 10 calves up to 30 calves.

Give your calves the best start and avoid set-backs due to infection. Stock available now in North & South Islands.
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“We were looking for new trailers as ours had passed their use by date. In a large farm of 1050 cows, a high staff numbers situation, with a team of 5 we were looking to keep things simple and look after staff and animal welfare. When we saw the Benic calf trailer, it immediately stood out as a trailer that would be good for staff, loading at standing height, but also importantly very easy on the calves. Having the calves hanging rather than standing in a trailer means they can’t fall over and be trampled. This is very helpful for calves that are not long born and we are finding calves arriving at the calf shed in much better condition, clean and no more bleeding navels. Although sometimes a frustration for the team, the set number of slings on the trailer has meant that trailers never get overloaded to save a trip; far better for the calves. The Benic trailer encourages our staff to treat the calves better by not throwing them in a trailer over the top and or throwing too many in a trailer to save a trip. We recommend the Benic calf trailer." Craig Zydenbos. Paeroa, Hauraki

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