• Customize Your Roller

    ​​Spring Loaded Drawbar

    This special attachment manufactured  especially for very lumpy ground (for example boarder dyke irrigation humps in the paddock) where the roller is constantly pushing and pulling on your tractor tow bar, what the spring loaded tow bar on the roller frame does is cushion the forward and backwards movements of the roller verse tractor energy and takes all the solid collisions out of the towing connection that you can hear and feel via the tow bar pin every time you speed up or slow down. It makes for a very comfortable day in the cab and no doubt is a lot easier on your tractor drive train and transmission as well.   

    Extension and Step Over Drawbars

    We can supply your new roller with a special draw bar to suit an implement you may be wanting to tow in front of your roller, there is no limit as to what we can manufacture for you, please give us a call.

    Folding Land Roller Towing Frames

    We can manufacture your new roller with fold up, or around, towing frame to suit your business if needed. This is most common where rollers are travelling a lot between farms i.e. contracting business where the contractor or farmer tows their roller onto a low loader trailer or something similar, then folds the roller towing frame around out of the way so the load is no longer an oversized load. This can all be done with a series of heavy pins and hinges and all folded up, or out, in just a couple of minutes. 


  • Shipping

    We are able to organise freight all over the country. Our detachable drawbars make the roller fit within standard truck deck dimensions. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Pricing

    Please contact us for a price, also to ensure we recommend the correct size roller for your farm and tractor and conditions. 

  • Contact Us

    Contact us  0800 758 257 or email