Heavy Duty Water Ballast Land Rollers

Trouble-free paddock prep on command

Single Drum water ballast Roller
Made to any width with extra narrow frame

Double drum water ballast land roller
Rolling width starts at 2.4 meter
Roller plate thickness 16-20-25mm

Triple Drum Water Ballast Land Roller
Starting at 3.6mtr rolling width
Rolling plate thickness 16-20-25mm

Double Water ballast Land Roller
Easy towing between paddocks, only 2 minutes to
fold out, and 2 minutes to fold in.

Customer water ballast Land Rollers
Less time in the tractor cab

Pluck's rubber-tyred transporter.
No modifications needed to your roller.
Travel at speed between farms without
damaging your roller again

Developed by Plucks as an optional extra
for new rollers, or your current roller.
Eliminates all the nerve-shattering small collisions
you hear all day

Why Buy a Plucks Roller?




  • A Land Roller that won’t let you down at the critical moment. Built to last for multiple generations.
  • Prepared and welded together by our qualified tradesmen to NZ welding standard (AS/NZS 2980) using a multiple run welding technique.
  • Our Roller sales experts will help you choose from a range of Plate thicknesses, Diameters, Weights and Widths to suit your farm.
What size land roller do I need?


Size will be determined by:

  1. Stone size - how big your stones are affect what plate thickness you need. shingle up to fist size; fist up to pumpkin; rugby ball or bigger; no stones or swampy..
  2. Horsepower of tractor; it's important to match your towing capacity to the weight of roller
  3. If your land has rolling, undulating hills or it's flat (if your tractor is 4WD, this also influences the roller model).

There’s nothing worse than machinery letting you down at the critical moment.
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