HD4SR Square Bale Picker

  • Product Information

    ProAg (a division of Morris Industries Canada) - HD4SR- Square bale picker.

    This extremely tough and solid Square bale picker from ProAg is built to plug straight into your standard tractor remotes, no modifications required at all.

    The HD4SR can pick up and carry and unload up to 6 big square bales (straw only) all with nonstop movement around you paddock by your tractor operator.

    You can pick up your bales at an orientation, end on, side on or anything in between, all without stopping.

    As you pick up the bales with the Auto Align system squeeze arms then tip the loader front up wards until it is in line with the deck, you then release the squeeze arms and your bale slides with gravity downwards along the inclined deck to the back of the loader.

    Once fully loaded you simply tow the HD4SR to your area you wish to stack your bales and tip the deck and release the loader arms, the bales will then be stacked vertically on the ground, you then just quietly drive forward leaving the stack behind you.

    For more info about the ProAg Morris Industries bale picker visit the Morris web site,  www.morris-industries.com