Morris Industries Canada 8m Contour Drill

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    Contour Drill

    Minimum-till precision placement seed drill.

    The Contour Drill gets your crops off to the best start possible, allows more efficient use of your land and requires less horsepower to pull.

    It all starts with the independent contour opener that features parallel linkage for ultra-precise seed and fertilizer placement. This true parallelogram linkage maintains a constant opener angle relative to the soil and constant opener depth in relation to the packer wheel throughout its range of travel. Each opener moves independently of the frame and of each other, to closely follow the contours of the land. The Contour Drill delivers unsurpassed seed placement for quick, even germination and its simple, rugged design provides ease of operation and years of durability. The low draft requirement and single pass seeding and fertilizing contributes to significant time and fuel savings.

    Each opener and press wheel combination is an independent drill within itself, meaning individually they follow the ground, the frame of the Contour or its transport wheels do no work once folded down and drilling, the frame simply carries the opener assemblies from A to B. When the openers meet the ground, hydraulically they load up by pushing down on the press wheels, so the Contour Drill is actually standing and drilling on 36 wheels once moving and drilling in your paddock.

    The very narrow 3 metre folded drill is complemented beautifully by the Morris narrow track wheel assembly on the Air Cart. Leaving you with the complete drilling unit no wider than 3 metres on the road, making you legal on all New Zealand roads, yet you will still have a very wide drill once folded out in your paddock.

    Contour Drill comes in 7.6 M (25ft) and 9.45m (31ft).

    Air Carts come in many sizes starting at 5 cubic metres (about 4 Tonnes)

    For more info about the Morris Industries Contour Drill visit the Morris web site,