Roller Transporter

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    Heavy Roller Road Transporter

    Rubber Wheels, Towed by Your Tractor.

    Patent App No 758862

    -New to NZ Farmers And never seen before for Farming type Heavy Roller Transportation on Road between farms!

    - With the Pluck’s Roller Bogie trailer you can now tow your roller between farms or paddocks on a special rubber wheeled roller carrying Bogie Trailer, your Roller stays connected to your tractor as you use the Bogie, so no heavy tricky work hooking up and un-hooking your Roller from your tractor.  

    - Designed to suit all sizes, types and makes of NZ made Heavy Rollers no matter who the manufacturer of your roller was. So No modifications required to your Roller at all!

    - Very easy to load and unload using your tractor and hydraulics, simply back your Roller on, tie it down, drive from A to B and tow it off.

    - The Bogie has 3 Marker Aerials across the back of the Bogie, one in the centre and one on each end of the Bogie so you can easily find centre and keep your Roller aligned and parallel to the Bogie as you back your Roller on. 

    - The Bogie has two very solid safety bumper bar rails across the back of its frame to ensure no one can back the Roller over the back of the frame accidently.

    -   The Bogie is designed so that the wheels fit under your roller frame therefore keeping your transport width of combined roller and Bogie with right down, in fact not much wider that your roller frame over all.

    - Depending on the over all rolling width of your roller, the Bogie has typically 140mm (80mm each end) of clearance to make it very easy to back your Roller up and on. 


    - Will save you and your Roller huge costs and trouble over the years in wear and tear and invisible damage that always catches you up, also saves your Roller bearings and axle from wear from your Roller being towed along the roadside between paddocks and farms for many kms that it was not designed for.

    Tires, Hubs & Stubs

    - The Bogie has Military grade Transport tires rate at 2000kgs each at 30 kph that are 14ply, so well up to the rigors of what our roads will put them through.

    -The Hubs & stub axles are 70mm solid square and rated to 4000kgs at 30kph.


    - The Roller Bogie doesn’t have any grease nipples, so no real maintenance required other than checking the wheel bearings and Tire condition from time to time, keeping an eye on all the lift Ram pivot points and pins and the condition of the hydraulic hoses and safety tie downs.

    How to Operate

    - After you have let the water out, You simply back your Roller up the ramps and into the Heavy steel Bogie Cradle, where the Roller sits securely, you then plug in the Hydraulic hoses and lift the Bogie and your Roller up off the ground, fit and tighten the Four safety Strops and you are ready for the road.

    - Once in your new paddock you let the Bogie and Roller down, release the safety strops, unplug the hydraulic hoses and Tow your Roller off the Bogie cradle and down the ramps and you are ready to go rolling.  

    - We recommend towing your Bogie and Roller at no more than 30kph.

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