Double Water Ballast Land Rollers 5.90m x 1.93m each

  • Product Information

    Rolling Width -5.9 Meters (19.5ft)

    Moving to Paddock width Folded up – 3.6 Meters (12ft)

    Individual Roller weights.       Full – 11650 Kgs each

    Individual Roller weights.       Empty – 5100 Kgs each

    Axle sizes both Rollers – 150mm (6”)

    Rolling plate thicknesses available in – 16mm (5/8”) or 20mm  (3/4”) standard size  or 25mm (1”).


    This Double Water Ballast Land Roller set up covers 5.9 meters (19.5ft) per pass and folds into a very narrow width the same as only one Land roller which is just 3.6M (12ft) for paddock to paddock moving.

    Both rollers are our standard 3.0M (10ft) wide x 1.930M (6ft4”) x 16mm or 20mm or 25mm roller plate.

    They weigh 11650Kgs full each, and 5100Kgs empty each.

    Both are Water Ballast Rollers that can be run empty or filled to any water/weight level you require to ensure you get the ground effect you are looking for. the main applications/purposes are agricultural, tillage, end tow, field, paddock, farm implement, heavy duty, soil, compactor.

    They have a huge 150mm (6”) axle running on greasable bearings and our standard heavy duty roller frame design that has stood the test of time over the 48 years we have been manufacturing rollers.

    The front Heavy roller of this double heavy roller setup has an even heaver frame with a special extendable A frame on the front to enable your tractor to move over to an off centre position to one side, and on the rear (of the front roller) a swing out towing frame on the side and rear of the roller to allow it to swing out to one side (like a water skier) to keep it all in balance and ensure everything tows straight up and down your paddock.

    The setup time in your paddock is just a couple of minutes by simply moving two pins from A to B and a bit of gravity and quietly driving your tractor forward turning Right and a short reverse turning left does the rest.

    To fold back into transport position you simply do the opposite

    The rollers can be towed as individuals if you need to as well.

    Also don’t forget that if you already have a good land roller but it is too narrow you can now simply purchase just one new land roller with our double roller towing frame and hook your current heavy roller on the back. 

  • Shipping

    As with all our Land Rollers they have removable draw bars and can be transported on a truck with a HIAB or without and or loaded in our yard with our very big forklift. These rollers travel without the need for oversize permits etc because they fit inside the truck deck dimensions with drawbars removed; this saves loads in extra freight costs. A simple reassemble of a few nuts and bolts and in about 1 hour you are all set to go Rolling.

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    Please give us a call or email to insure we can quote you the correct size roller for your farm conditions and tractor sizes.

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